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We are a boutique studio in Victoria, BC focused on solution-driven creative design & development. We brand, code, design for print & web, animate, make pretty things that communicate your message ... but interactive & multi-dimensional is where we shine.

We are seeking clients who are doing good. If you're trying to make the world a better place, we want to work with you.


Good user-interface typically goes unnoticed (we usually only consciously notice UI when it's in our way), yet this "unnoticed" element of a product's design contributes significantly to the user's experience and perception of the product.


3D / VR

We've built hundreds of optimized 3D models and scenes for gaming, architectural visualization and real-time applications. Our core proficiencies are 3ds Max, Unity & Unreal, but whatever the application, we produce consistent quality 3D models featuring clean geometry, texture maps & materials consistent with the project aesthetic, efficient UV-unwraps, and deliver well-organized scenes and assets.



We tackle every design strategically, starting with an understanding of your target audience and your goals.


3D Medical Visualization

High-precision photo-realistic anatomy renders, stylized animation, or real-time interactive applications - we deliver aesthetically pleasing, well-executed medical visualization or interactive solutions.


Corporate capitalism was never sustainable. As we enter late-stage capitalism, the consequences are becoming more difficult to deny. Our rain and most remote pristine lakes are full of microplastics, our northern and rainforests burning, our permafrost is melting and releasing methane to accelerate environmental collapse, our oceans are rapidly warming, rising and dying ... our life-support system is collapsing at a frightening pace, and all the while the income gap is widening and more of humanity is slipping into poverty while the uber-rich horde ever-more wealth.

Social engineering, social advocacy, sustainable tech, environmental stewardship, carbon sequestering ... if you are working on part of the solution we want to help you succeed. We decline design work that we feel will contribute to the problems, and we offer highly discounted rates to clients who are doing good.

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Bringing it All Together

With years of development and design experience, the talent at BlueBrain contribute far more than fantastic visuals to each project. Rapid UI prototyping, full-stack development, voice-overs & music / audio production, animation & illustration - we bring a wide array of proficiencies to our work, but it's our experience & insight that allow us to utilize these skills effectively & efficiently to benefit your business.

BlueBrain3D Model Library

The BlueBrain3D Model library features a growing collection of exclusive premiere quality 3D models, produced to high standards to help you achieve great visuals.

BlueBrain3D enforces high standards of quality control ensuring models are render ready with standard materials, quality textures, optimized geometry, and logically named & organized scenes/materials/assets.

We are sure these top quality 3D models will save you time & money, and help you achieve fantastic visuals for your next project.

BlueBrain3D Models

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